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with an impressive $21.2 million. in other news, arnold schwarzenegger tells "60 minutes" he cheated on wife maria shriver multiple times, including an affair with actress brigitte nielsen while the couple were dating. they divorced last year following revelation that is he fathered a child with their long-time housekeeper. >>> lindsay lohan is claiming a 25-year-old man who she reportedly met at a nightclub grabbed her in her new york hotel room in an argument over cell phone photos he took of her. police arrested the man on assault charges but later voided the arrest when they couldn't be substantiated. >> lindsay is okay, though. i checked. >> did you need her to call you? i can't remember. >>> finally justin bieber had a concert foul in arizona when he bent over mid song and then he bar fd. >> he continued the concert and later tweeted milk was a bad choice, lol. >> a teen had the last laugh at the expense of her bullies. whitney croft had thoughts of suicide after learning her nomination for homecoming was a prank. the crowd showered the sophomore with cheers when she showed up for the homeco
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1